I am so Thankful

One of the BEST things about living on a farm is being able to raise your family here…

I am so thankful to have the privilege of raising my family here on the farm.  Just like my parent’s grandparents, it is a tradition that is so much more than just a tradition.  It truly is a way of life.  From the way we view “work”, which sometimes seems to never end, to the ways we spend our free time together.  Farm life really is different, unique, special.  It is demanding, yet rewarding.  Tiring, but fulfilling.  Challenging, and sometimes even predictable.  No two days seem to be the alike.  Yes, the work is essentially the same, bet the conditions change, so it’s never just exactly the same.

I know that I am blessed to be close to my home, my family and my parents.  I love to have my children accompany me when they can.  It is so rewarding when they begin to understand and grasp the concepts of what we do and why we do it.  It is so important that they learn the same values that my parents and grandparents lived and believed.  The value of hard work and sweat equity.  The satisfaction of a job well done.  Doing your best, even if nobody else will ever know it or see it.  The sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with raising a crop or delivering a baby calf.  Our kids will learn these lessons right here on the farm.  They’ll learn these lessons by being around us and by watching us.  

I am thankful to God to be able to raise my family here…

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