Every Day is Earth Day for a Farmer…

Yeah, I know, it sound cliche’…but it’s true.  Like all farmers, we try to do our part to conserve, re-use and re-cycle whenever and wherever we can.  This year, we were able to recycle several thousand articles of agricultural plastics.  We contacted our nieghboring farmers, crop-input providers, and an aerial applicator for items to recycle.  Most of the items were plastic tubs that contained protein supplement for cattle during the winter.  We also recycled several hundred triple-rinsed jugs and barrels.  The job took almost three whole days!
The plastic containers were fed through an industrial-sized grinder that turned them into small chips and flakes.  These pieces were captured in large bags and were hauled away to be turned into some other plastic product for another consumer.  When it was all said and done, we had filled almost seven bags with plastic to be recycled!

Please click here to read local coverage of our recycling effort!       

Many thanks to the fine folks at US Ag Recycling for a job well done!

We appreciate the work you do to keep us CLEAN and GREEN!