Well, it’s been a productive week here on the farm. We’ve been able to get several acres planted this week and we are thankful for that. The weather for us has been manageable. I know of several other area farmers that are still struggling with soggy ground, wet fields, and marginal stands. We have had some of those same challenges too, but in scattered areas. Hopefully good weather will prevail so that the spring crop planting can be completed on schedule.

We’ve been vaccinating calves and deworming cows and calves this week too. Very thankful for good help with the cattle. The right people sure make the job flow smoothly. Grass has been very adequate this spring; the rains have helped there for sure. Also, we are getting our nutrients out on the corn acreage, and it’s raining today, so that means it will be taken up by the plants soon.

Busy week ahead also, corn and beans to be planted, fertilizer spread, cattle worked…Here we go again! img_0324