Preparing for Spring

Spring has arrived! It’s time to put the crop in the ground and start on yet another growing season. This is one of the most exciting times on the farm; the start of a new season, new life, fresh growth, and the anticipation of the year ahead. There is nothing quite like planting the spring [...]

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Every Day is Earth Day for a Farmer... Yeah, I know, it sound cliche'...but it's true.  Like all farmers, we try to do our part to conserve, re-use and re-cycle whenever and wherever we can.  This year, we were able to recycle several thousand articles of agricultural plastics.  We contacted our nieghboring farmers, [...]

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Autauga Farming named 2011 Farm of Distinction

On April 11th, Autauga Farming Company was named the 2011 Alabama Farm of Distinction... Chosen from a field of six finalists, Autauga Farming Company received the 2011 Award sponsored by the Alabama Farm-City Committee, the Alabama Farmers Federation, Alabama Farmers Cooperative, and SunSouth.  Autauga Farming will go on to compete for the [...]

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Southern Farmer’s Blog – April 28 2013

Well, it's been a productive week here on the farm. We've been able to get several acres planted this week and we are thankful for that. The weather for us has been manageable. I know of several other area farmers that are still struggling with soggy ground, wet fields, and marginal stands. We have had [...]

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Southern Farmer’s Blog – May 6, 2013

Rain, rain, rain... It's raining again right now. Wow, it's been a wet spring! Fortunately, we've been able to get some seed in the ground and cover some acres. Cotton is coming up slowly, with the recent cool spell. The soybeans are just beginning to pop up to a stand. The corn is catching up [...]

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