I’ve got some neat articles that I’ve unearthed in some old files…Several are from the 70’s, but they are interesting nonetheless.  Most have to do with some aspect of production and practices of the day.  I’ve even found one about my granddad that is a neat unintentional tribute that was published shortly before his passing.

This article is from the Progressive Farmer magazine in October 1974.  It has to do with finishing cattle on grass on the farm…



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This Next Article Comes from Cotton Farming Magazine.  In 1976, Dad was named Cotton Farmer of the Year.  He was honored to receive it, but quite honestly, a little embarrassed of all the fuss.  As always, Dad was quick to give credit to the good folks that work with us here on the farm; the folks that see to it that the plans are carried out in the proper time and fashion.  No business can be successful for long without good personnel and support staff to implement the action plans.  This is a long article but it is interesting if you like agriculture, particularly southern agriculture.